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Playing Dungeon Treasures and get Money

Dungeons Treasures was an adventure game that pays you.
I am posting this on the online game. So if my friend is a fan of online gaming buddy never hurts to try a game that I will review it. The name of this game is the Dungeons & Treasures. An adventure game that pays its players.

Model a simple play, later we will explore the character of a dungeon. In the dungeon we can find a wide variety of items and monsters and of course gold (this gold per month which is converted to DT if it reaches the limit we can do payout). Therefore, the real core of this game is to collect as much gold.
I said before in the dungeon we will meet the monster. We must defeat the monster that is so that we can explore the dungeon until it was in the dungeon all the way open or visible. By the time we face our onster will be given three options: Attack, Dodge and Run. Attack is used to attack the monster, Dodge used to survive or avoid the monster attacks. Run and not be used if we want to fight these monsters. Once the monster is defeated characters that we play will get the exp is useful to raise the level of our character.
And besides fighting monsters, the dungeon, we can also see a variety of items such as potions, spell, weapon, shield, cloak, gloves, helmets, and armor. It all used to the characters we are getting stronger and could easily defeat the monsters.
In addition to adventure in the dungeon, gold may be obtained from the contest and sweepstakes. Look for a treasure hunt and search for article writing and get free ticket undiannya play. We can get gold from 100-20000. This lottery can only be played once a day. If the contest will usually cost but the cost would be replaced with the proceeds from the contest that we follow.
That the introduction of Dungeons-Treasures if you want to play this game please click here. Later I will add another review of this game because this post is not enough to explain it all.

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